Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Plans and A Quick Story

Schedule and Update

I’ve been busy. And not. And busy. And sick. And lots of things. I’m actually on a pretty packed schedule until the end of July. This week I’m helping at two camps. One is baseball camp which was AWESOME today. And the second is an ecology camp that my org is running that starts tomorrow. After that I’m going to a training for a new Youth Bank starting in my town sponsored by the Eurasian Foundation and Activ. Then I’m going to another camp hosted by my org for two weeks. Then Almaty for my Peace Corps medical check up. Then I look up for air and it’s already July 25h and my family is coming in three weeks after that.

Anyway, I am still enjoying the city. We went to a rock concert last week. I got sick last week. I read Dune finally and can’t remember being so satisfied with a book after I finished it. I doubt the sequels will live up to it. I’ve hosted three couchsurfers and met tons of great people so far in the city. And I went back and gostied at my old host family’s house for my Toma’s birthday party (she turned 3!) I hope to write more soon, but I wanted to get something up since it’s been a long time.

Oh, a quick unrelated note. Like any time you learn a foreign language, sometimes synonyms can be tricky. You want to know how words are different and you can learn false reasons just to distinguish them. I don’t know where I came from (maybe that dastardly British English so popular around these parts!) but here a lot of people think the word “sick” means something is wrong mentally, and ill is when you are physically sick. So this exchange happened with a friend of mine last week. (I wasn’t there, so there may be some embellishments)

Hanman: Hey English Theater kids hanging out at the bus stop. What’s up?
One ETKHOATBS: We were supposed to meet today, but Michael is ill, so we didn’t stay long.
Hanman: Oh, yeah, I heard he was sick.
One ETKHOATBS: Sick? What’s sick?
Two ETKHOATBS: I know. That’s like ill, but in the head. (motions to the head while doing this)
One ETKHOATBS: Ohhhhhh.
Hanman (chuckles and thinks about how ripped he’s getting).

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Hi guys

I'm new to this. Really new.